Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all!  I had a great day thanks to these cute people.  They made me a lovely breakfast and gave me super cute cards.  Aiden's card had a cute poem that ended with "I hope you will like the gift you receive.  Stay right there and don't leave."  He then presented me with a gift certificate for a facial.  He entered an essay contest at school where he wrote about why his mom deserved an hour massage or facial and he was one of two winners for the school! 

Chris and I have this "tradition" when it comes to gifts for me.  He asks me what I want, I tell him I don't need anything.  He tells me to give me a list.  I finally give him a list of a few things I would use, he tells me my requests are unacceptable (he still brings up that I asked for a banana hanger 13 years ago).  He likes big deal gifts.  This year I decided to skip a few steps and I sent him my list three months ago because it was something that had to be ordered online.  I was sure he wouldn't remember from that long ago so I resent the list last week.  Friday night Chris told me that wouldn't work because he wanted me to have something by Mother's Day and if it had to be shipped it wouldn't be there in time.  I will admit I was a little (or a lot) irritated to be shopping for my own mother's day gift that I didn't even need to feel loved on Friday night.  I may have let my exasperation show.  On Saturday Chris had a last minute flash of inspiration and took the kids on an adventure to get it.  Sunday morning when I woke up I came out to find...

It's pink and fun but I'm kind of a scaredy cat to ride it.  I go really slow, ride the breaks and yes I walk it down our inclined driveway.  Whatevs, I break my ankle tripping over toys.  I don't think there is a too careful for me.  The even better surprise is underneath the bike.  Yep the rug was my list!  My tricky husband already had it and put up with my crankiness for the sake of surprise!  He's a keeper:)  It is so plush and super soft.  So much so that Dalin thought it would make a great landing spot for a cannon ball.  I didn't see it so I don't know if he actually landed on his booty, but he's pretty sure his crack is even bigger now.
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