Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm not a big valentine person. I don't need the mush or the gush or even gifts (unless you're offering to clean the house:). Honestly it feels like forced romance which makes me a little uncomfortable. I'm weird like that. Chris feels the same way so I guess it's lucky he found me. My kids on the other hand love any reason to celebrate (and thank goodness they're not old enough to even consider romance) so I like to do a little something for them. Usually this means a helium filled heart shaped balloon which they are thrilled with. But this morning I had a flash of inspiration by way of another person's idea. They had attached some candy to some sticks then put them together in a cup like a bouquet. I put some chocolate hearts together to look like a flower to make my bouquets. If we're being honest mine turned out way cuter;) So from our home to yours, and in a rare moment of valentine spirit, Happy Love Day!
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