Monday, August 3, 2009

Months in review

Apologies to all those in the blogging world for our lack of updates. We've had some technical difficulties here at (technically my husband was being difficult) but we are back to report our goings on.

Besides our June birthdays we were able to take a trip to San Diego where we went to Sea World (twice)...

And to a beautiful beach where we played with cousins...

The boys and Natalie went to a baseball game...

and the girls and Dalin went to Denny's, which is really more fun than it sounds when your cousins come along. (Sorry, no pictures, I'm getting worse about remembering the camera.)

The end of June and beginning of July brought track break, swimming and lots of sewing. My brother is getting married and I get a little too excited to have all of the girls match so I volunteered (yes volunteered) to make dresses.

There are six dresses here, but I made nine all together (don't be impressed, they were really easy). The wedding colors are brown and blue in case you couldn't tell.

So my friends you haven't missed much, but we are alive and trying to forget that it is 115* outside.
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