Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fathers and Sons

Chris and the boys went on their very first fathers and sons camp out this past weekend. My brother Brian invited my boys and my other brother Aaron and his boys to come with his stake. Aiden always has reservations about going someplace new and he had a lot of concerns. "Are we going to the real wilderness? Will we be in the forest? Will there be bears and snakes there? What if I have to go to the bathroom, will I have to go on the ground?" If his cousins hadn't been going as well I think we would have had to do a lot more convincing. When Chris asked Dalin if he knew what camping was and Dalin answered, "You get marshmallows and put them on the fire." Unfortunately there wasn't a fire so no marshmallow roasting. Luckily the camp out was at a warm springs owned by the church. There was two swimming areas, grass to pitch their tents on, real bathrooms to use and they were pretty clean when they came home. Sounds like my kind of camping.
Someone was gave out glow sticks and it was like the kids had their own light parade.The mother ship is coming forAidenWhen Dalin gets the camera we get a lot of pictures of people's booty's, (it's right about eye level for him). I think he felt like he was missing out because my brother found Dalin bent over with the camera between his legs trying to take a picture of his own booty. Brian helped him out and captured the moment for Dalin.
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