Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Birthdays and Snow days

Yesterday was my mom's 60th birthday! We had a nice family party with Mexican food (her favorite) and a "Mom'/Grandma's favorite things game. After that we shared memories her sisters sent and memories from her kids and husband. My dad even made a nice DVD and we put together a real published book of her life. (Check out it is really cool and very reasonably priced) Unfortunately, but entirely predictably, I forgot my camera so no pictures but it was really nice nonetheless.

Today the kids didn't have school (parent teacher conferences) but it turned into an actual snow day! Around 11:30 am Ashton came in and said she saw some snow flakes to which I replied, "no you didn't." About an hour later I actually saw the flurries and I had to believe. Having lived in Henderson for my entire life I have seen it snow here before, but nothing that ever stuck for more than a few hours. Today we may be close to breaking the record. As I mentioned before, the snow started at about 12:30 and now at 9:00 it just barely let up. Our driveway is pretty steep, so it turned into the neighborhood sledding hill. Luckily Chris likes to go to the mountains for his birthday so we have snow garb and sleds. Aiden and Dalin were having a blast throwing (but mostly missing) snowballs at Chris. We went to the high school field behind our house which had an even better sledding hill and plenty of space for snow man making. I am usuallly not a fan of sledding, because there are too many people/rocks/trees but I loved it today because none of those things were a problem. Unfortunately I had to leave early because poor little Dalin was freezing and very tired so I took him home to warm up. The rest of the family joined us about 45 min later. The most amazing part of the whole thing is that school is cancelled tomorrow because of snow! An actual snow day in Las Vegas!

First signs of snow. I was sure that was all we were going to get

Driveway sledding

Snow angels and snowman!

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