Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bad boy bad boy, whacha gonna do when they come for you...

Last night we had our own live showing of COPS right outside our front window. It was complete with the K-9 unit, loudspeaker warnings, spotlights, guns drawn and a tazer shot. Apparently our across the street neighbors were harboring some sort of parol violator and the police came to collect him. There are two families who live in the house and they called for all of the occupants to come out. It was really sad because after the pol;ice made that announcement seven people came out and five of them were kids (four of them are the same age as my kids). I am sure they were scared and cold. There were two people still left in the house, the mother of the four kids and the suspect. I don't know if the mom just didn't hear the announcements or what, but I couldn't believe it took her so long to get out of the house with her kids scared outside. After she came out the police went in to the house and at one point they pulled a ladder out of the garage ( think they were looking in the ceiling). After about tewnty minutes the guy comes running out of the house and jumps the fence in the front yard. An officer tazzered him but he ran part way up our driveway then turned to the left. We didn't see where they caught him, but only a few minutes passed before they did. our best view came form the girls room and Kaylee woke up when we came in and joined in the looky loo. Everyone is safe and fine, but it was a pretty exciting for our little street.
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