Friday, October 3, 2008

All of the day and all of the night...

Chris has been visiting his parents in Arkansas for the last week and he finally returned home yesterday. WOO HOO! I definitely appreciate him more when he is home than when he is away. He had done some computer work for some one he works with whose wife works for an airline, so he gave Chris a buddy pass ticket as payment. The deal with a buddy pass is you fly standby, which means you can have a seat if there is one available. His flight to Arkansas was pretty smooth, but the way home was a different story. His flight left at 6:55 am and was supposed to arrive in Las Vegas at 11:20 am. The key phrase is supposed to. The original flight plan had two stops, one in St. Luis and one in Omaha. Unfortunately the flight from Omaha to LV was completely full and he got the boot. He was redirected to a flight to Pheonix which would then get him home. That flight was supposed to get in at 3:15 pm, but it was delayed and didn't land until 4:00. So after four plane changes and 12 hours of traveling Chris finally made it home, almost. We had tickets to see Les Miserables at the Tuacahn theater in St. George, so after I picked him up from the airport we started our two hour drive to the play.

If everything had gone according to plan we would have made it there with time to spare, but with the way things worked out we were about ten minutes late for the play. I think it was the first live play I had ever seen that was professionally done and it was fantastic! The weather was beautiful, but they do these plays in this outdoor theater all through the summer. It made me wonder how the actors don't melt every night. I actually almost cried when Eponine's character died, something that never would have happened if I was just watching the movie.

My brother Austin was watching the kids while we were gone, and I told him that I didn't care how late they stayed up since they didn't have school the next day. I figured midnight would be the latest any of the kids could handle. Notice the previous post? It was written by Kaylee at 1:11 am! Apparently Austin told the kids the could stay up until 5am, but Kaylee was the only one who even came close and said she got bored and that's why she fell asleep. I guess when you take little kids to get ice cream at 9:45 pm (yeah Austin did that too), it gives them the energy they need for a late night.

* I remembered that I actually have seen other plays, one at the Tuacahn theater even. I went with the singles ward to see the original UTAH! play that theater was built for. Chris and I also saw "The King and I" on our honeymoon in Salt Lake. You'll never guess who was the star, Haley Mills! Yes the very one of Parent Trap and Saved by the Bell fame. I know we are so lucky!
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