Friday, September 26, 2008

Pesky Little Brothers IV

Dalin really enjoys homework time. As soon as I tell the other kids it's time to do their homework he will run and get his paper and crayons, lay himself down on the floor and hum a little song while he colors away. But when he's done I guess he thinks everyone else should be done too. I've caught him a couple of times grabbing the girls homework papers off of the table and crumpling them up and trying to throw them in the trash. We've been lucky that nobody has lost anything so far. Yesterday he grabbed Kaylee's math paper and ran off and tried to flush it down the toilet. The little stinker! If you have ever heard any of Chris's childhood stories you would know that Dalin is completely Chris's kid! If you haven't heard the stories, ask Kaylee and Ashton I'm sure they would be happy to share.
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