Monday, August 25, 2008

Getting bigger all the time!

Today we sent three kids to school! Actually Chris did the sending, I could barely sit up because I was feeling dizzy and nauseas (no I'm not pregnant! I am feeling much better now thank you). Dalin started the day by waking up at 6:20 am, and I guess he was too excited for school to start because he made sure everyone else was awake by 7:00. Because I was sick Chris stayed home from work to help, thank goodness. He got everyone fed and made sure they were dressed and he even had the girls make their own lunches. I did drag my self out of my sick bed so I could do Kaylee and Ashton's hair. That really isn't Chris's forte and I just couldn't handle the thought of them having a bad hair day on the first day of school. Kaylee is in fourth grade Ashton is in second and Aiden finally gets to start kindergarten. I think it was a good experience for Chris to see what I get to do almost every day. After Chris came home he took me to the urgent care to find out what was wrong with me. Of course I was feeling much better (that always happens when we go to the doctor) but there was about twenty people in front of me. We didn't have the time to wait because there was only an hour and a half before it was time to pick up Aiden, so my mystery illness is still a mystery. It was a good first day to start out the school year, for the kids any way.

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