Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Two year old check up

Dalin went in for his well-check and he is growing like a champ. I look forward to these visits because the doctor never fails to ask if "we've talked about the size of his head." He will usually go back and check Dalin's records to make sure his head size is consistent. I know he asks because there are health issues where a large head can be a sign of something, but I feel like he really wants to say, "It's a wonder the boy doesn't topple over when he walks." (Kidding!) It does make me laugh. Anyway his stats are as follows, height 34 in. (50%), weight 30 lbs.(75%) and head size 51 cm (95%). His head was above the 95 percentile last time so I guess his body is catching up with his head. He got to stand on the scale rather than lay down on the baby table scale and he stood up to be measured as well. He thought it was great to be so big, he was just smiling the whole time (a first for any of his check-ups). While we were waiting for the doctor I was telling Dalin what was going to happen so we could continue with our smooth visit. He thought it was funny and would open his mouth wide every time I said the doctor was going to look in his mouth. Unfortunately as soon as the doctor pulled out his stethoscope the freak out began. I didn't have much hope for the shot, but our clever nurse had a sucker on hand, so the crying was brief and he was happy to remind the nurse that he was going to get a sticker as well. He's healthy and happy and still my baby, no matter how big he gets.
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