Sunday, June 29, 2008


I have a confession to make, I am a Blog-A-Holic. Knowing you have a problem is the first step to recovery right? I am addicted to reading blogs. If someone on my list hasn't posted recently enough I will check out their friends and sometimes even their friends. I was checking my friends and family's blogs five or six times a day just waiting to hit the jackpot of a new post. I would get frustrated with people for going more than a couple of days between posts (I know, you can call me the hypocrite I am). I was beginning to ignore all my household chores and it was even to the point that Dalin decided that turning off the computer was the best way to get my attention (what is my problem!). I will also go back to my old posts to rewrite things and/or add pictures. I am working on this vice, I won't let myself check the blog until Dalin is taking a nap, and I keep the laptop in my room so seeing it isn't a temptation, but sheesh it's a little on the pathetic side.
Because of my obsession I found a blog belonging to a family that lost their one year old daughter in a drowning accident a couple of weeks ago. She is in my brothers ward so at least there is only two degrees of separation (o.k. still weird of me I know). This women is a fantastic example of faith and love not only for her daughters, but for her entire family and her Heavenly Father. In this the hardest time of her life, this person I don't even know is inspiring me to love my children more and appreciate what I have. She posts every day and expresses herself beautifully. I am not brave enough to make myself known on this site, but I appreciate her nonetheless. I draw strength from her words. I don't know how to link to their site, but it is called If you go there be prepared to cry, and count your blessings.
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